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Hand Poured Bees Wax Candles, But Why?

Hand poured Beeswax Candle
Beautiful Natural Hand Poured Bees Wax Candle

Hummingbird Crafts LLC specializes in Hand Poured Bees Wax Candles. We get asked many candle questions and we thought we would take a moment to answer our one of our most popular questions, "Why did we choose Bees wax versus other types of candle wax?"

First and most important is Bees wax is Natural and Non toxic. This is very important to us! Beeswax candles do not contain anything that is artificial. Beeswax Candles are all natural and chemical free. They are hypo-allergenic...perfect for those with environmental allergies or asthma! They have negative ions that actually purify and clean the air and even help eliminate mold, odor and dust.

Secondly, Beeswax burns nice and clean and is eco-friendly! They have a slower burning time which means your candles will last longer. Finally, Beeswax Candles have a wonderful natural scent without needing artificial fragrance! Since they burn slower, they release their scent gradually which in turn allows for a more enjoyable candle experience!


Hummingbird Crafts LLC hand pours each of our Bees wax candles. We give the utmost care to ensure you receive a fabulous product. All of our candles come in a beautiful jar or tin which can be cleaned out and reused. We hope you will try one of our beautiful Natural Bees wax Candles and if you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you! :)


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