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Caring for Your Jewelry Items

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Caring for Jewelry Items

One question we were asked this month is "how do you care for different types of jewelry pieces?"

Whether you have basic items or unique jewelry pieces, cleaning and caring for your jewelry is essential. It allows pieces to last longer and look better. You do not need a ton of money to clean your jewelry, but you do need to be consistent in taking care of your pieces.

Here are some tips below to help:

Wood jewelry-Wood jewelry pieces are easy to care for. Wipe these pieces with a dust/lint free cloth and every so often you can apply a mineral oil or beeswax to your jewelry. This enhances the shine and keeps them looking their best!

Silver/Silver plated pieces- The best method to clean your silver jewelry is to use a good silver polish made for silver/silver plated items...This can be purchased online or even at most grocery stores. They even have wipes now, which make it really convenient!

For heavier tarnished items or a more natural option, clean your jewelry with basic items you have at home. The best we have found is using baking soda, aluminum foil and salt. These items will keep your silver/silver plated items looking their best! (This method is not for pieces that contain pearls or special gemstones. Also, be sure that your jewelry items do not require specific cleaning methods before using this one.)

Instructions: Use a large bowl, place the aluminum foil in the bowl (shiny side up) and add about a tablespoon of baking soda and salt. Boil some water (enough to cover your pieces about 3-4 in.) and pour it in the bowl. Submerge your jewelry pieces and watch that tarnish just fall off! Leave them about 10 minutes and then just wipe them clean with a buffing/lint free cloth.

How to clean gemstones: The best way to clean your gemstone jewelry is to use water, dish soap and a soft tooth brush.

Rinse the items carefully once the debris has been cleaned and again buff your pieces with a dust free cloth.

Pearl jewelry-Clean with a damp cloth and make sure they are completely dry. Never submerge your pearls. Also, never use an ultrasonic cleaner on them. Avoid harsh chemicals and keep your pearl jewelry separate from your other jewelry.

Jewelry can be stored in velvet bags to prevent scratching.

Here are some basic items to remember about your Jewelry:

*Do not wear Jewelry while in the shower or swimming.

*Remove your rings while doing work such as gardening or cleaning.

*Always remove rings when applying lotion.

*Store jewelry away from bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Hope this helps with your everyday jewelry care! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! :)

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