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About Us

Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate

Hummingbird Crafts LLC Art and Design Studio

Welcome to Hummingbird Crafts LLC!

Hummingbird Crafts LLC specializes in Pyrography, Home Decor and Gifts. Our Art and Design Studio was started in 2015 by Pyrography Artist M. Zwierko, Principal and Managing Director of Hummingbird Crafts LLC. Our Pyrography Artwork styles take on a variety of designs and mediums but are mostly focused on Nature Themed Art, Geometric Art and Catholic/Christian Designs.

Hummingbird Crafts LLC adds a unique element to our Pyrography designs by incorporating paints (both acrylic and oil), stains as well as oil pencils into various works. This adds creative and distinctive elements that enhance pieces and adds to their original beauty and design.

Hummingbird Crafts LLC does various art and craft shows throughout the year and our Pyrography Artwork is hanging in homes, public offices and buildings throughout the US.


We are currently working on various Art Projects and promotional materials to help educate in the Art of Pyrography. Our current Project is Catholic Pyrography Art Projects where we combine our Pyrography Artworks with the Teaching of Art and History in the Catholic Faith through various Art Kits. We will be expanding our Art Projects later in the year. They will be focused on different themes and subject matters. Our goal is not only to help educate in the Art of Pyrography but to introduce Pyrography into different designs and mediums.

In addition to our Art and Design Studio, we have a beautiful online gift shop....Our gift shop consists of various Pyrography Artwork, beautiful soy wax candles and handmade jewelry and gift items. Our natural soy wax candles are hand poured and we give the utmost care to ensure you receive a fabulous product. Also, our beautiful handmade jewelry (coming soon) will makes wonderful gifts!
Please take a moment to look through our Shops and if you are looking for a beautiful item that you do not see, please feel free to contact Hummingbird Crafts LLC...We will be more than happy to discuss it with you!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Hummingbird Crafts LLC and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! :)