Nature Pyrography Art Projects

Hummingbird Crafts LLC is excited to announce our Second Art Project for 2020--Nature Pyrography Art Projects....Teaching About Nature Through Art. This current art project is continuing our Pyrography Coloring Art Kit series. Our first project (Catholic Pyrography Art Kits) has done fairly well and we are looking forward to bringing out more these Art Kits in the next few months. Our Nature Pyrography Art kits will feature a beautiful piece of Pyrography Art (already burned), color pencils or water color pencils (depending on the project), information sheets as well as specific activities and items related to the kit. They are perfect for art classes, home school or other class room settings. This is a wonderful and fun way to increase your knowledge about Nature through Art and is a fantastic gift for the nature lover!

Hummingbird Crafts LLC is committed to teach others about the Art of Pyrography. To order your Nature Art Project Coloring kit, visit our Nature Pyrography Art Projects Page. We can not wait to have you come along on this journey! :)