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Add a Little Sparkle to Your Pyrography Work

Recently, I had the pleasure of working on some beautiful Pyrography on Paper Leaf Designs. While I have done extensive work with Pyrography on Paper, I decided to incorporate Pointilism and Rhinestones into this particular Pyrography work...to add a little bit more detail and "bling" to my project! Are you interested in trying this? Here a few tips that might help you:

First off, the basics: Paper Pyrography is a little more time consuming. Be patient! It looks fabulous once your piece is finished. You can buy the paper and supplies from a local arts and crafts store. I do recommend a thicker paper, especially until you get used to burning on it. You can use rough or smooth but, please be sure to check the chemicals or dyes used to color the paper. Also, rag paper works quite well.

Once your Paper Pyrography Artwork is finished, it can be framed and hung. You can make copies of your beautiful Artwork and even make prints! The biggest obstacle to remember in Pyrography on Paper is that you do not want your burner to be on as high as you would for doing Pyrography on wood. Another tip: Consider Pointilism for your Paper Pyrography projects!

What is Pointillism? It is the Art of making little dots or small strokes to achieve an overall look. This is usually done in Painting when adding various colors to Artworks. However, it works beautifully in Pyrography! I have found it adds wonderful detail to your work, especially, for various nature scenes....more specifically, for leaves and for trees.

Another newer feature I added to these Artwork pieces were Rhinestones. Rhinestones are used for a variety of projects to add a little "Bling" or to add detail to various items. I found Rhinestones added some needed color to this particular design without the use of colored pencils. It added a "pop" to my leaves and I found it showed the detail of my Pointilism work even more. Here are a few helpful hints if you are interested in added some Rhinestones to your work:

Rhinestones come in a variety of color and styles. For this project, I used 20 ss Tanzanite Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones. Swarovski Rhinestones are a little more expensive but, they are definitely worth it! Flatback Rhinestones mean that one side of the Rhinestone is the "color glitter sparkly side" and the other is a flat smooth gray side. To affix your Rhinestones to your Artwork project, you will need to use a glue. The best glues I have found for affixing Flatback Rhinestones are Gemtac and E6000. You will need tweezers to apply your Rhinestones to your project. Also, make sure that you do complete your total Pyrography burning before affixing your Rhinestones. (The picture above was to demonstrate the difference in designs...the Pyrography work was done completely before beginning the Rhinestone work).

I highly recommend giving Paper Pyrography with Rhinestones a try! Paper is quite resilient and it is tons of fun...not to mention the beautiful "bling" the Rhinestones provide! :)

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