Pyrography Art Projects

Hummingbird Crafts LLC is excited to announce it will be sponsoring a variety of Pyrography Art Projects this coming year. Our goal with our Art Projects is not only to help educate people in the Art of Pyrography, but to introduce Pyrography (wood burning) into various designs and mediums.

Our first project titled "Catholic Art Projects, Teaching Truth through Art" will be beginning in February. This project will primarily be directed at Teens and Youth but, we will have some art kits that will be available for younger children and even a few for adults.

Catholic Art has played a very important role in the area of Art History. It has been crucial in shaping our Western Culture. Our Catholic Art projects will consist of a burned piece of Art...Jesus, The Holy Family, Icons, Saints, Faith Symbols and/or other representations of the Faith, depending on the kit purchased. Our Art kits will include colored pencils, information on the image burned, as well as information on the Art of Pyrography. Also, it will include other items to help increase knowledge of the Faith and hopefully increase prayer life. These kits are perfect for home school art classes as well as Religious CCD classes, or just as a way to increase knowledge of the Catholic Faith.

Later in the year, Hummingbird Crafts LLC will have a few other Projects that will follow the same pattern or idea but will be focused on different subject matters and themes. Art is an expression of what we believe and how we feel. It carries meaning and Hummingbird Crafts LLC felt that the first project we should begin with should be Sacred Art. We hope you will purchase one of our Coloring Art Kits and if you have any suggestions or kits ideas you would like to see in the future...drop us a email...we would love to hear from you!