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Custom Design Catholic Pyrography Artwork Commissions

Hummingbird Crafts LLC does Special Custom Design Catholic Pyrography Artwork. By purchasing a Custom Design Artwork piece, you are commissioning Pyrography Artist, M. Zwierko to create an Original Piece of Catholic Artwork for you. M. Zwierko, artist and founder of Hummingbird Crafts LLC has done the Art of Pyrography for over 20 years and all of her Pyrography Artwork is done by hand with a Pyrography pen (**mixed media additions...such as color and extra detailed work) can be added to Artwork pieces for additional fees). These pieces are one of a kind and do make a fabulous gift!

Our Commissioned Catholic Artwork follows the following guidelines:

Wood Sizes:






Pyrography Art
Pyrography Art
Pyrography Art

**All Commission Artwork requires a non refundable 50% deposit to begin the piece. Total funds including shipping must be received before any Artwork is shipped. Prices vary based on the size of Artwork, the type of wood used, and if Mixed media designs (Paint, detail, etc.) are involved. All custom design Artwork is non-refundable and once designs have been approved and the process has begun, changes can not be made).

Please review our Refund/Shipping policies for detail or contact Hummingbird Crafts LLC to discuss your options.

Contact Us To Learn More

Custom Design Processing and Shipping Info:

Current lead time is 3-4 weeks until shipping, but during busy seasons can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Please review our shipping policies and details or contact Hummingbird Crafts LLC to discuss your options.

**All artwork is copyrighted by Hummingbird Crafts LLC.  You may not resell, reproduce, distribute or profit in any way from our Artwork or Designs.  Ownership and copyright of the artwork remain with the artist. 
**Hummingbird Crafts LLC reserves the right to refuse Commission Work Requests for any reason at any time....Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information. Any questions please feel free to contact Hummingbird Crafts LLC. 
Thank you!

Thank you!

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